Butter - Platform independant, bytecode-based programming language.

Warning: Butter is currently in the making, its just started fresh.
Bugreports or other complaints that will arouse are welcome. Please
send them to the mail address below and help fix those bugs.

If you want to check the stuff out, click on the cvs intructions and read
how to get it via anonymous-cvs. You must have a cvs client for that to
work (see explanation below) ...

Click below for access to the project:

Butter-projectpage - Sourceforge project page.
CVS - Online cvsweb.cgi browsing of the sourcecode

Online Documentation -
Documentation (incomplete) incl. installation instructions and grammar
description in html format.

Click here for the same documentation in postscript format.

Please note that the documentation is VERY MUCH INCOMPLETE ...

Big!! thanks to the guys from SourceForge Logo.

The following systems are tested and should work (please note this software
is still under construction and thus there is always a chance of crashes).
All platforms need to have GNUmake,bison,flex,gcc and g++ installed for a
full build.

 i386 Linux 2.x (various distributions)
 FreeBSD (4.2-stable), i386
 Linux usf-cf-sparc-linux-1 2.2.18pre21 (Sparc Ultra 60)
 PPC - RS/6000 Linux 2.2 (Debian 2.2)
 Sparc - R220] Sun Solaris (8)
 Hpux (Hp-Unix) 11.00 (64bit pa-risc)
 Alpha-PC (Linux)
 Microsoft Windows (all versions) + Cygwin

For the curious: Anonymous CVS Quickstart instructions ...

- How to get it via anonymous CVS from the Unix commandline ?

 The projects CVS repository can be checked out with the following

   cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.butter.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/butter login 
   cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.butter.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/butter co butter

 When you are prompted for the password after the login command, just press
 enter to proceed.

 Just click here for direct browsing of the repository.

contacts/question/comments: stepan rutz <srutz@users.sourceforge.net>